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What Is Iras Consent Form for Pr Application

Approval to obtain and verify the financial information provided[Appendix (VP)] (59KB) Student ID Application – School Information[Form V36A] (83KB) Please click the download button of the respective forms to download it. Student Id Application – Additional Applicant Information (For Students, GOV/ITE)[Form V103] (91 KB) Application for Visiting Identity Card[Form V234] (72 KB) Temporary Customer Service Application / Administrative Assistant (359 KB) Application for Return Permit (EPR)[Form 6] (218 KB) Application for Extension of Stay for Medical Reasons[Form V-75] (308 KB) Application for APEC Business Travel Card – Sample Letter Support(262 KB) Application for Singaporean citizenship (for adults) – Explanatory notes(137KB). Declaration of loss of long-term visit passport(159 KB) Change of local address of the holder of the long-term visit pass/student card[Form IMM(E) 96] (299KB) Application for confirmation of citizenship status(162KB) Visa application – letter of introduction[Form V-39A] (192KB) Cancellation/return of long-term visit pass/student card(115KB) Application for student card – For students (FSS / KID / PEI) [Form 16] (66KB). . . . Student Pass Application – Additional Obligation to Existing Local Sponsor (V39S) [Form V39Q] (71 KB). Singapore Biometric Passport Application (by Mail/Locker)[IMM(E)11 Form] (130KB). . . . Application for a Visit/Visa Pass and a Visit/Entry Visa Pass[Form 14] (136 KB) Application for Entrance Fee (RCP) Note(162 KB) Loyalty Program Application(250 KB) Application for Permanent Residence (for spouses with or without accompanying children) – Explanations and list of documents(729 KB).

. . . For holders of members of the Immigration Exemption Order – Application for Consent to Work in Singapore (18KB). Application for a Certificate of Identity[Form IMM (E) 6] (225KB) Application for a Visiting Passport – Filing[Form IMM(E) 56A] (19KB) Declaration – Change of Name for Minors (Under 21 Years)(134KB) Student Card Application – Bank Guarantee Model (19KB). . . .